April 28 - 30, 2017
Adelaide Showground

The Gift & Craft Market

The Gift and Craft Market gives people the opportunity to buy directly from talented artisans, hobbyists and boutique businesses offering a diverse range of fashion items, homewares and collectables.

Entry is free to the Gift and Craft Market, which is open from Friday to Sunday in the Duncan Gallery as a complementary feature of the Home Living Expo.


Creative adventures in miniature gardens
Elva Lange has transformed craft into a living artform through her adventurous journeys in miniature gardens.

Just over a year ago, Elva was invited to showcase products from her Elite Gift Collection at a Sydney show for nursery specialists.

Her tiny garden concepts, combining scaled down furniture and décor with imaginative miniature garden design, proved so popular that Elva was inspired to explore the potential at craft shows around Australia.

“Initially I was not good at all at gardening, but after some tuition in growing and nurturing succulent plants and expanding my creative mind, I wanted to share the delights of making an imaginative miniature garden,” she said.

Elva will bring her tiny garden furniture and décor products to the Gift and Craft Market to encourage people to participate in thriving miniature garden design.

“It is a fun, eco-friendly activity for people of all ages from children to grandparents to produce their own little gardens or to make unique and wonderful gifts,” she said.

“Miniature gardens can be as elaborate or as simple as people like.  Even an old paint tray can be a great start for children to grow a gift for their parents or grandparents.

“I’m still learning and enjoying my journey of discovery with miniature gardens and I look forward to sharing ideas with visitors at the Gift and Craft Market.”

Apart from her little garden products, Elva will also present some popular fashion wear including signature scarves.

Look for the Elite Gift Collection display at site 427 in the Duncan Gallery.


Rusted on creativity with recycled metal

Russell Brebner is a sculptor who recycles old metal to make masterpieces in garden art, decorative screens and panels, and wall hangings.

He scours the countryside with regular stops at metal recyclers, scrapyards and tips to select material that he can shape into amazing artforms.

Russell’s creative portfolio ranges from fascinating small sculptures such as insects, miniature cars, motorbikes and trains to larger objects including emus, kangaroos, windmills, decorative gates and scarecrows.

Apart from self-expression, he tries to instil a unique personality into each item that she bends, blends and fixes into metallic showpieces.

“Ninety seven per cent of my base material is recycled, so apart from being artistically appealing it is also environmentally friendly,” Russell said.

“Most importantly, it is a creative way to bring artistic enjoyment into homes and gardens.”

His metallic enterprise, known as Rusty Sculptures, will be one of the most popular exhibits at the Gift and Craft Market.

“I’ll be bringing a wide range of individually crafted products with me to introduce to the Adelaide market,” Russell said.

Don’t miss Rusty Sculptures at site 432 in the Duncan Gallery.

Colour your world on a creative journey in art

If you look at the clouds and only see white then painting teaches you to see more.

So says Sandy Mullins, an artist who is in the midst of an exciting journey of self-expression in colour and style.

“For me, painting is both stimulating and meditative,” she explained.  “It helps me to appreciate my surroundings.  I am constantly learning and my art is evolving. There is nothing stagnant about the art of painting.”

Since enrolling at the BAPEA Art School and Gallery at Brompton under the guidance of Peter Bok, Sandy’s painting has given her a new form of creative energy.

Colour is her driving force in impressionist and abstract art, and her works in oils and acrylic paints will be on vivid display at the Gift and Craft Market.

“I may not finish a painting for weeks or months until I am completely satisfied with the outcome,” Sandy said.  “Each painting is unique and I gain enormous pleasure from people enjoying what I have created.”

Sandy has exhibited at Rotary and Lions Club Art Shows and at the BAPEA Gallery,

I look forward to presenting some of my work and sharing my passion for painting with visitors to the Gift and Craft Market,” she said.

“I like to encourage others to explore their potential in painting. You don’t have to produce like Picasso.  The main thing is to just enjoy the journey.”

Look for Sandy Mullins Art at site 437 in the Duncan Gallery.


Jewellery inspired by Tasmania’s natural wonders

Knut Mueller specialises in things of beauty.

A master jeweller, he meticulously fashions wonders in gold, palladium, platinum and sterling silver carefully selecting some of his designs to be sparkled in diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Among Knut’s creative repertoire are magnificent Tasmanian sapphires each of which tells its own story of discovery from the chilly and remote rivers and ravines of the island State.

“The Tasmanian sapphires I use have been individually sieved from rivers by enthusiasts who brave cold waters and often trudge for hours through the wilderness to fossick,” he said.

“Although they are found in varying hues, the blue sapphire is the most coveted colour making it a rare and valuable gemstone.

“Tasmanian sapphires are few and far between.  No two are alike, and that makes each one unique and very beautiful.”

Born in Germany, Knut moved to Tasmania in 1982, and his jewellery designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the island from its rugged and remote mountain ranges and forbidding ravines to its pristine beaches.

At the Gift and Craft Market, Knut will present a selection of his masterpieces including rings, earrings, pendants and charms.

They can become very special gifts and personal treasures for people who seek uniqueness in their jewellery.

Don’t miss the display from K. Mueller Design Studio Jewellers at site 434 in the Duncan Gallery.


Illuminating wonders of ornamental copper foiling

Gordon Harris is an Australian artisan who keeps alive the beautiful tradition of copper foiling to join pieces of coloured glass into creative tabletop ornaments.

The technique, initially to make defining lampshades, was pioneered in the late 19th century by legendary American interior designer Louis Tiffany.

It remains popular today among people seeking exceptional decorative pieces for their homes.

Gordon applies his copper foiling skills to make exquisite lampshades, picture frames, candleholders, jewellery boxes, vases and sun catchers featuring tapestries of subtle colours.

Although traditionally considered to be exclusive to expensive and historic properties, Gordon’s modern form of copper foiling is as much at home in average Australian dwellings where colour and texture are illuminating aspects of décor.

At the Gift and Craft Market, Gordon Harris Leadlights will showcase a wonderful and very affordable copper foiling product range.

Gordon is an outstanding craftsman who works with his wife, Zara, to seal individual panels of pastel coloured glass together to create the decorative pieces.

What began as a hobby has turned into a passion and a thriving boutique business as Gordon and Zara travel the country showcasing their lamps and giftware.

Discover the wonders of their copper foiling techniques at the Gordon Harris Leadlights display at site 406 in the Duncan Gallery.

Wonderful ways to bring the past into the present

The past is always within reach in the beautiful and diverse dimensions of antique and vintage jewellery, old fashioned home wares and collectibles.

These items from olden days are not only the domain of avid collectors, but also people who are selective of individual showpieces from yesteryear for their homes or personal adornment.

At the Gift and Craft Market, Pendulum Antiques will present a fascinating exhibit of antique and estate jewellery, tableware, vintage tools and other collectibles.

Since 1979, George and Dorothea Sabeeney have been in the business of searching far and wide for beautiful items of nostalgia that continue to be popular in contemporary settings and fashions.

“If it is an item of quality, it will always have appeal,” Dorothea said.

“For some people, these items are a reminder of their childhood, of their parents, or of particular homes.

“For others, it is a fashionable way of linking the past with the present in unique and individual ways.

“There is always interest in vintage tools, particularly among older tradespeople who may have done their apprenticeship or started out in business with handpieces that are now very much of another era.

“Among the woodworking and mechanical tools we will have on show at the Gift and Craft Market are beautiful old planes, chisels and measuring instruments, along with kitchen scales and utensils.

“We specialise in items that keep wonderful old memories alive.”

Don’t miss the Pendulum Antiques display at sites 439 and 443 in the Duncan Gallery.




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