October 13 to 15, 2017
Adelaide Showground

Celebrity Guests

Call to refresh our outlook on garden spaces for healthy, backyard fun
Jason Hodges is passionate about promoting the wonders of home gardens and the health benefits of being immersed into a natural environment.  He says while advances in information technology may connect people globally, a walk in the garden can literally put another world at their feet.

“However, modern living trends with built form occupying most of the space on small residential allotments is eroding our great tradition of enjoying time in the garden,” he said.

“I despair about the lifestyles of many young people today who grow up with technology at their fingertips, but little incentive to get outside and play.

“Children today do a fraction of what my friends and I did on the backyard lawn when we were kids.  Playing outside was about being fit and healthy, falling over and getting up again.

“While smaller blocks and courtyard homes are a fact of modern life, there are still opportunities to create functional spaces for families to enjoy life outdoors.

“You can’t put a price of well-being, and having some space for play and relaxation outside is essential in creating balanced lifestyles.”

Jason is the down-to-earth celebrity horticulturalist and landscaper who has shot to fame on the popular TV program Better Homes & Gardens.

He will be one of the stars at the Adelaide Home Show appearing in the seminar area of the Jubilee Pavilion at noon and 2.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.  He will also be available during both days to meet show visitors at the Sunnyside Instant Lawn display at site B50 in the Jubilee Pavilion.

“Given our alarming levels of childhood obesity and the preoccupation of young people with on-line communication and entertainment, there is a critical need to refresh the focus on getting outdoors,” Jason said.

“We need smarter planning and development to create play spaces at home and around neighbourhoods with parks, reserves and gardens to get people moving and inspire imaginations.

“It is about creating healthy choices where the feel of grass between your toes becomes more appealing that switching on a television or smart device.

“I am looking forward to meeting visitors to the Adelaide Home Show to share my enthusiasm for all the great things about the outdoors and creating lawns and gardens for fitness and fun.”

Sunnyside Instant Lawn is an accredited member of Lawns Solutions Australia, which brings together the collective knowledge of Australia’s leading turf producers to supply reliable varieties and a range of value-added products and services.

The Sunnyside turf farm is located at Mundulla in South Australia producing a range of quality varieties including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu, RTF Fescue and Nullarbor Couch.


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