October 13 to 15, 2017
Adelaide Showground


A Taste of Who's on Show

Adelaide Attics & Skylights

We are the South Australian distributor for Attic Groups Attic Ladders, Fakro Skylights and roof windows, Velux Skylights and Garage Tek the world’s cleanest garage. We are proudly independently South Australian owned and operated and we are the largest supplier of attic ladders and skylights in South Australia. We are largely focused on home storage and de cluttering your home by suppling and installing quality Attic ladders and transforming your roof space into a basic storage area with essential flooring or transforming your roof into a dust proof storage area within the roof space.Wow wouldn’t that be nice! We can also brighten up your home with the biggest best range of double glassed skylights and roof windows on the market and can arrange full hassle free installation in your home or supply you with DIY kits

See us at Site B66/B67


Adelaide Plant Recovery

See us at Site OS92


Adelaide Solar Safe

“Adelaide Solarsafe are a local family owned business. We can provide you with accurate and honest information to assist you with all aspects of the renewable solar energy market. Specialising in commercial & domestic grid connect solar, we can design & install systems to suit your individual needs.Ask us about our solar energy storage systems. Available with back up power in grid failure emergency conditions or self use of your own solar generated power at night time, when you need it most. Our team of accredited designers and installers can provide easy step by step solutions for all your needs. We do all the paperwork and co-ordinate all the relative processes on your behalf. For Peace of Mind and Local Knowledge contact us now for your free system design service.”

See us at Site B36


Adelaide Vertical Gardens

Adelaide Vertical Gardens is a local family business developing a trend of using new, modern materials in gardening. We design and make customer-sized planters, vertical garden systems and wicking garden beds for home and community gardens, commercial and residential buildings, farms and plant nurseries. For all our products we use our own unique material – render-coated polystyrene and high-quality, Australian-made anodised aluminium.
As the professional Civil Engineers with more than 20 years experience in Building industry in the past, we used our engineering knowledge to create our effective material for garden planters that is a competitive alternative to traditionally used in Australia wood, metal and plastics.
Obviously,  these traditional materials have some serious disadvantages for using in a garden. Wood is rotting and does not look good under weather conditions. Metal is rusting and does not protect plant roots from high temperatures. Insulation of soil and plant roots from high temperatures is very important, especially in hot South Australian climate. Plants in the metal boxes may be “cooked” during the hot summer days. Plastics are not resistant enough to solar insolation and often it is not durable and looks bad after one season.  Our material is strong, durable and lightweight. It is resistant to rotting, rusting and termites. South Australia has an extremely hot and dry climate and our material can work very effectively in these hard conditions.

We make high-quality and long-lasting raised and wicking garden beds, patio/pergola planter boxes, elevated planters and vertical gardens in any size, colour and design to meet our customers’ needs. No limits for length and width. No limits in colours. Customer designs. Also, we have our own unique design of wicking planters that is different from all others and more effective.

See us at Site OS42


Affordable Spas

A quality home spa is a wonderful lifestyle investment for relaxation, entertaining and fitness. By choosing wisely, a spa can also create an outstanding feature for your home blending beautifully with existing design and décor. Home Show visitors have the opportunity to look at the wonderful features of the Australian-made and award winning Sapphire Spa range presented by Affordable Spas. Rodney Nitschke, owner of Affordable Spas, said the range came in configurations for all lifestyle and design preferences from three person models to party spas and swim spas. Amazing new features include heat and cool pumps that convert every 1.1kw of power into 5.5kw of heating energy to lower energy costs. Show visitors will marvel at the MySpa WiFi that delivers immersive underwater surround sound with subwoofer support. “High definition soundwaves are fed through the spa shell and amplified by the volume of water without the need for pop-up speakers,” Rodney explained.  “And they can be operated off your smart phone or tablet. “Our focus is on enhancing the lifestyles of people who choose to invest in one of our spa pool or swim spa creations, and we know their family members and friends will enjoy them too.”

See us at Site B52, Plus Swim Spa on Landscape Display


All Seasons Gutter Guard

See us at Site B46


Alpha Industries

Simply the Best

Outdoor Building Solutions

Quality of Product and enhanced property value guides the modern purchaser

Part of the success of Alpha Industries relates to the family founders being attuned to understanding just how pivotal the family home and extended property is to the heart and soul of the average purchaser. To have the certainty of first class quality at a manageable price, takes the worry out of ‘extensions’ to any existing property –  & just ensures that your addition is the ‘icing on the cake’ – enhancing the property at every turn – ensuring values are maintained.  The vast selection that Alpha Industries offers makes light of the drama that can be attached to your new shed, garage, farm shed, industrial building – carport, veranda or rumpus room – the right look is our speciality and never overlook the value of ‘that right fence’ – the first impression on entering any property. Alpha clad remains the jewel in our range offering you strength and beauty. We have a vast product range including roofing and fencing material.  We are a proven successful family business with over 30 years trading experience and specialist staff who want to ensure you go on living the lifestyle you deserve. We give you peace of mind when ordering your Outdoor Building Solution and home improvements because we use the latest engineering, technology & premium quality materials. So, do yourself a favour and contact us for a quote today. You won’t regret it.

See us at Site B69


APEX Home Improvements

We have Stronger deals in Steel Sheds, Verandahs, Carports, Fences and Specialise in Custom Built designs.  Apex proudly use and manufacture Australian made products using Colorbond Steel.  We have our own factories in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Our factories have the latest up to date machinery to produce steel items and home improvements whilst giving the very best price in steel products to our clients. At Expo customers will be able view examples of our designs, see photos of our work, view pictures on our screens and discuss their options on design, sizes and styles.  We will have experienced staff to handle all enquiries, customers can bring their designs in and we will work customers to quote on their project. Apex do all the hard work for our clients including Free design, measure and quote, Council approvals and installation. We have our very own Professional licensed builders and take pride in what we produce and comfort in knowing our clients are really satisfied and impressed with the end result. Customers can pick up brochures and arrange appointments for free measure and quotes.

See us at Site D140


Apia Adelaide

Apia is the over 50’s insurance specialist.  Our products include Home, Car, Caravan, Motorhome, Motorcycle, Boat, Travel, Landlord, Health and Funeral.  We are available 24/7 just call 135050 and talk with a real person.

See us at Site D113


APS Homes

APS Homes are a custom home builder, working collaboaratively with cleints from conception to completion of their dream home.  Our team work with clients to achieve their goals both with design and budget. APS Homes also have a Development division specialising in multi unit site development.  APS have many sites under way currently within the Adelaide metro area. APS Homes undertake extensive renovations and refurbishements both residential and commercial. APS Homes is a family company based in Glenelg. The company employs a tight knit team working togerther for the common goal of producing quality building work.

See us at Site C97


Aquaguard (SA.) Pty Ltd

You have tried the best now get with the best, Aquaguard number one in Gutter Guard.

See us at Site F191 & F192


Asbestos Diseases Society of SA

The Asbestos Disease Society of South Australia is a not for profit organisation established in 2005. Our members have direct personal experience of the enormous human pain and suffering caused by asbestos diseases.  They also support the pressing need to wind back Australia’s burden of asbestos related disease and mortality. The Society has three overarching priorities:

  • Assistance to asbestos victims and their families
  • Asbestos awareness training for year 10 and 11 high school students who intend to work in construction industry
  • An asbestos free Australia

See us at Site G237


Aussie Home Loans

At Aussie, we’ve been helping Australians buy property for 25 years. We’ve learned a lot along the way and we’d be pleased to share our experience and insight with you. With hundreds of loans from a wide range of lenders, including our own award-winning Aussie Home Loans, we’re confident we can help secure a home loan that’s right for you. At Aussie, good advice won’t cost you a cent. Let’s talk about your plans and see where we can go together.

See us at Site B62


Australian Bromeliad Society

The Bromeliad Society of South Australia endeavours to promote the growing of these spectacular and futuristic plants in South Australia. Most garden club members and plant fanciers enjoy plants because of the colours of the flowers. This is no different for the growers of bromeliads but with the addition that many bromeliads also have brightly coloured leaves and unusual markings such as hieroglyphics and striations. It has been said that bromeliads embrace all the colours of the rainbow. These plants which are native to central and South America have adapted to Australian culture and thrive in our environment. Bromeliad hybridists attempt to reflect the colours and features of their plants by naming them accordingly. Examples of recently registered plant names are Tillandsia Creation, Billbergia Hallelujah, Neoregelia Groucho, Guzmania Optima, Vriesea Montezuma’s Gem and the spectacular bi-generic X Sincorea Galactic Warrior. Do these plants actually live up to their names? For example, are Creation or Hallelujah the work of a superior being? Is Groucho so named because it looks irritable? Is Galactic Warrior a futuristic plant? Is Neoregelia Lorena Lector a variant of Hannibal Lector? Is it colourful? Is it dangerous? Is it spectacular? Also, are all of these plants medium to large plants or are there smaller miniature plants available that can be placed into the smaller gardens and patios of today? Neoregelia Groucho is an example of a smaller plant with wonderful colours that will light up any shadehouse or patio area. Where can you see these plants for yourself? Where can you buy some of these exquisite but durable plants? Why not come and have a look for yourself at the Gardening and Outdoor Living Show. There will be local growers available to provide advice and discuss the ideal growing conditions for the potted bromeliads, which are very adaptable plants, as well as advice on how to mount Tillandsias (otherwise known as airplants)  on to a variety of media including wood, stone, wire, almost anything.  There will also be books on bromeliads available as well as culture notes on how to best grow bromeliads for South Australian conditions.

See us at Site TBA


Australian Energy Regulator

Helping you find the best energy deal without the hassle of follow up sales calls and with the reassurance of an independent and trustworthy government run source.  Energy Made Easy is a government price comparator website providing offers from all energy retailers in your area.

See us at Site C108


Australian Lawn Wholesalers

We are an Adelaide based South Australian operated company and a brand that you can trust. Australian Lawn Wholesalers is Australia’s preferred synthetic lawn distributor, distributing to much of Australia including Adelaide, Sydney, Bendigo, Ballarat, Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra. We provide the best synthetic lawn product and services on the market, allowing you to have absolute comfort and confidence in completing your home and business renovations. With over 10,000 completed installations we are Australia’s best synthetic lawn specialist, we take significant pride in delivering a best of market solution that will delight you to touch, and encourage you to be worry free. We would love to bring our best of market approach to your home or business improvement.

See us at Site F212


Australian Outdoor Living

At Australian Outdoor Living, we love everything about the outdoors and what this great country has to offer.  We are passionate about making the most out of our beautiful climate and scenery, with our quality product range allowing you to “Live The Dream” in your very own backyard.  Whilst we are best known for our exclusive range of Outdoor Blinds, we are also proud to offer Artificial Lawn, Roller Shutters, Pergolas, Verandahs, Carports, Timber Decks, Fibreglass and Concrete Pools, Spas and Swim Spas. Our quality products and industry knowledge, coupled with our hard-working team and enthusiasm for what we do, are the driving factors behind our client satisfaction and consequent growth. A free measure and design service - with after hours and weekend appointment opportunities - is the first step towards transforming your own piece of the great outdoors and truly ‘Loving Your Life Outdoors’! We look forward to the opportunity to custom design a solution for you and your family to enjoy for many years.

See us at Site A20, A23, A3


Australian Window Solutions

Australian Window Solutions are Adelaide’s largest manufacturer and installer of ultra-energy efficient uPVC double glazed windows and doors. Founded in 2009 and operating from it’s Seaford manufacturing base, the company’s products are specifically produced for Australia’s harsh UV climate. uPVC windows are known around the world for being durable, low maintenance, thermally efficient products. However, one of the most common queries from specifiers, builders and consumers about uPVC windows is whether the uPVC profiles will discolour because of high UV conditions here in Australia.  Profiles accredited under the Australian Industry Code of Practice for uPVC Profiles have been independently tested to resist Australia’s weather and retain uniform colour and impact strength. To achieve accreditation under the ICP, companies must have their profiles independently tested at Australia’s only natural outdoor weather resistance testing laboratory at a high irradiation site near Townsville, Queensland. Stringent maximum colour change parameters must be met by exposed profiles as well as impact strength tests.By choosing to work with ICP accredited uPVC products, purchasers and specifiers will have confidence that their windows and doors are specifically designed for Australian harsh climatic conditions. Australian Window Solutions are the only registered company in SA that have their products meet the stringent requirements of the ICP. With ICP compliant products, an Owner with over 30 years of product experience and a customer satisfaction rate of 96.37%, Australian Window Solutions are the safest hands for your uPVC double glazed windows and doors and we’ll even back that up with the original Best Price Guarantee!

See us at Site E188


B T Landscaping

BT Landscaping is a small business offering a range of outdoor services, including landscaping and maintenance and turnkey type packages outside of your home so it's only one contractor you have to deal with to finish off your dream home. We service all area's of Adelaide. And also fully licensed and insured for that peace of mind. We offer the following services: Stormwater, concrete, paving, retaining walls, fencing, irrigation and landscaping and the little things like clotheslines and garden shed installs

See us at Site OS22 - Landscape Display, OS4 - Retail Site


Bargain Carpets

Welcome to Bargain Carpets Massive Homeshow Sale. Quality residential and commercial carpets that are supplied and fitted professionally transforming any room in your home. We are your local and family owned carpet store that comes to your door, taking much pride in supplying you our customer the best service.

See us at Site C105/D118


Bianco Modular Buildings

In South Australia, the name Nick Bianco is synonymous with construction. It started with a bricklaying business in 1970 and across the next 40 years has been built into an empire across five separate divisions, with more than 400 staff employed by the Bianco conglomerate. As a businessman and a passionate sports fan, Nick Bianco was the owner of Adelaide United Football club and a sponsor of the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power football teams.  But today he is just doing what he does best. 

Creating a construction business to meet the building needs of the future. The company’s building solutions are capable of being built in any shape or size and will be modified to suit each client’s needs.  Its buildings are stackable and can be configured to suit a particular space or theme. Bianco Modular Buildings has worked tirelessly to ensure that all of their buildings are at the highest standard for the Australian market. The company has added new technologies to reduce risk from fire, wind and mother nature to give their clients confidence in the safety standards of their buildings. The flat pack container homes are currently available to meet your commercial and residential needs.  Ring the team at Bianco Modular Buildings today for more information or drop in to see their display stock.  Design today and move in tomorrow. 

See us at Site OS58


Biological Control Systems  for MetaBuz™

We have developed a turmeric based chai tea MetaBuz™. It can also be taken as a condiment with food. The product development of MetaBuz™  has taken some seven years of research and some one half $1 million. The product is unique in that our CEO is a research grade biochemist and the recipe allows turmeric to be some 400 x more available to the body. Link 2 below explains the wonderful benefits of turmeric if you want to read more. MetaBuz™  is a highly available form of  turmeric   and  people who drink the product find they have more energy and less hunger. MetaBuz™  can be added as a condiment to a wide range of foods including steaks chops sausages salads et cetera. It has an excellent taste sensation and in addition, MetaBuz™  is a rich source of dietary turmeric. We have exhibited at boating, camping, gardening and four-wheel-drive shows with great success. A large number of people in these demographics are above the age of 30 and appreciate the benefits of MetaBuz™.  We manufacture locally and are very proud to say that we are exporting around the world.

See us at Site B57


BTH Security

BTH Security is a family owned and operated business, based in Gawler – ‘Gate Way to the Barossa’! Nick and Deb are proud to offer honest reliable products and service from country to coast all over SA. Guaranteed quality, we use only heavy duty materials for all our manufactured items, from Security Doors to basic fly screens. Our elite INVISIGARD range provides exceptional satisfaction.  For those who require basic security there is a variety of products to please.  BTH Security also offers a range of repair services – doors & screens to complement your requirements. No job is to small, after hour appointments welcome.

See us at Site D138



Clipsal by Schnieder Electric

Bring your home to life with electrical planning and accessories from Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Your home is something special. Like you and your family, it’s one of a kind. At Clipsal by Schneider Electric, we create products and solutions designed to suit every lifestyle. Bringing life to your home, we make living easier, more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. We create technology for a changing world, ensuring your electrical accessories are energy efficient, reliable, safe and offer you connectivity to the world.  In order to achieve this, we believe home electrical should be planned in the early stages of a build or renovation. This may seem like a daunting task, but it is an important consideration. Clipsal by Schneider Electric can offer pre-planning advice, support and tools to help you prepare for your home renovation or new build; just visit our website at Clipsal.com/athome. At the site we offer room-by-room inspiration and guidance, as well as a comprehensive selection of products including switches, power outlets, lighting, ceiling fans, air movement, bathroom heating and smart home control options.

Introducing our next generation platform designed with electricians for electricians. Clipsal Iconic™ is a modern electrical accessories range, based on a slim, sleek, clean design that is easy to customise and blends in with your environment. Clipsal's latest range is loaded with clever features and benefits like new game changing Bluetooth technology, modular mechs and grids with changeable skins and dollies for unrivalled customisation now and in the future. Clipsal Iconic – next generation wall switches and sockets that give you more options than ever before.

See us at Site C80


Commonwealth Bank

See us at Site E150


Continental Tarelli Biscuits

See us at Site H259


Cool Or Cosy S.A. & Solar Rental Company

With over 45,000 customers in South Australia alone, Cool or Cosy is the largest South Australian owned Energy Efficiency company. We can be trusted to undertake any type of Energy Saving project from a small domestic extension to large commercial projects with our range of safe, efficient and quality endorsed products. Cool or Cosy has a wide range of energy efficiency solutions for your home and business:

  • Solar systems
  • Battery storage solutions
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Split system air cons
  • Roller shutters
  • Business energy auditing

Cool or Cosy is proud to carry RAA Member Partner status (the only Energy Efficiency company of its type in South Australia to do so) offering RAA Members an exclusive discount on all our products and services.

See us at Site C88


Customstone SA

Customstone SA is an Adelaide company, established in 2004, which services Adelaide and South Australian country areas. At the Sunday Mail HIA Home Show 2017, Customstone SA will display our large format wetcast concrete pavers, showcasing the sizes, colours and finishes, including the exposed aggregate finishes, which are available. Examples of our Bullnose & Pencil Edge pool coping and our mortared walling will also be on show.   Pool coping and walling are available in the same colours and finishes as the pavers and the coping can be used for concrete, fibreglass & above ground pools. All Customstone SA products are salt resistant and are suitable for coastal areas and around salt water pools. Our products are manufactured in Adelaide and are available from the factory or through the agents advertised on our website. Our friendly staff welcomes homeowners wanting information and advice about their outdoor projects.

See us at Site C110


CutAbove Tools

CutAbove Tools is a family operated business supplying a range of high quality pruning, gardening and cleaning equipment. We have a direct input into the design and manufacture of the products that come with a two year warranty.  A comprehensive range of spare parts is available. The company has an extensive range of pruning and gardening tools including: secateurs (16 models), loppers (5), shears (8), saws (4), sharpeners (3), gardening accessories (gloves, kneelers, stainless steel hand tools, hose nozzles, rakes and more), trimmer heads, and high-reach pruning poles (up to six metres). Our pruning and gardening equipment is sold both to the home market and for professional use.  You will find many nurseries, florists and garden maintenance companies using our products. We also have a number of cleaning poles (up to five metres) with water flow and a number of attachments to make cleaning easier. With these poles you will be able to clean your windows, eaves, gutters, walls, solar panels, caravan and more.  As mentioned spare parts are available as Sustainability of the Environment is important to our mission. If you are able to visit us not only will we assist you with your purchase but you will be able to try our demonstration tools available at our displays.

See us at Site A5


Decor Dreams

Decor Dreams Art Gallery exhibits an extensive collection of original, highly textured, palette knife oil paintings, by five amazing artists. Visit our dedicated gallery to enjoy the latest landscapes, seascapes, street scenes, traditional and modern florals, abstracts and stunning black & white paintings. You can find us, open 7 days a week, at 49 Mount Barker Road Hahndorf, with convenient off street parking behind our gallery. Speak to one of our experienced gallery consultants who are happy to assist, in your search for an original work of art. Alternatively if you are a resident living in Adelaide or the surrounding metropolitan suburbs, you may like to book our courtesy in-home viewing service to have us bring a collection of relevant artwork out to your home. Services you will enjoy, if purchasing with Decor Dreams, include complimentary delivery, regardless if you live locally, nationally or internationally. Also for those that want to purchase and pay off a painting with instalments, we do offer flexible terms layby. A commissioning service is also available, for those that would like to have an original oil painting created by the artists to a specific brief. Finding an original work of art, has never been easier. 

See us at Site TBA


Denis White Audio Visual

See us at Site A24


Dept (DSD) - Office of the Technical Regulator

The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) ensure electricians, gas fitters and plumbers work according to legislation and applicable standards. This keeps workers, consumers and properties safe in South Australia.

Representatives from the OTR will be available to talk with consumers and industry professionals about:

  • electrical safety in both residential and industrial settings
  • safety certified products
  • up-to-date information on product recalls
  • choosing and installing solar PV systems, water heaters and pumps

If you’re planning on building a new home or renovating your existing home;

  • the decisions you make can have a big effect on your future energy bills
  • it is important to use licensed trades and receive certificates of compliance for all electrical, gas and plumbing work.

See us at Site TBA


Diamond Marketers

See us at Site G251


Ding the Recipe

See us at Site H264


Eco Urbane Building

See us at Site A14


Elite Choice Home Improvements

We sell a high quality gutter guard system to stop debris getting into your gutters. We have the highest fire rating with CSIRO. Great solution for rainwater tanks as well.

See us at Site E160


Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is a range of barbeques like no other. By pushing the traditional boundaries of the kitchen, and injecting a sense of child-like wonder into everything he touches, Heston’s inspired a generation to seek pleasure and entertainment in food. Now he’s bringing his magic touch to the great outdoors, with innovations such as charcoal ignition at the press of a button and developing the world’s most powerful gas barbeque, making it easy for anyone who enjoys barbeque cooking to put on a commanding performance.

See us at Site OS46


Everguard - Real Home Improvements

Real Home Improvements & Leafshield Gutter Protection will have a variety of products to display at this year’s Sunday Mail Home Living Expo. Having recently bought Leafshield Gutter Protection we are now South Australia’s largest retailer and wholesaler of gutter guard and gutter guard products. We also complete work in the following areas under Real Home Improvements:

Roller shutters

Zip Screen Café blinds



Verandahs, Pergolas, Carports & Patio’s

Roof Restorations


Solar Systems


See us at Site C107

Exception Group Pty Ltd

Exception is a family owned company that constantly searches the globe to find the most innovative products to enrich you and your family's life. We take great pride in bringing these products to you in the most cost effective way.  The best way to do this is to bypass the retail channels and bring the product directly to our customers through shows and expos. Exception stands behind the products it sells through its extensive guarantee and warranty programs.

See us at Site C109 - Flat Stacks, D120 - Casada Cushions


EziCleen Surface Protection

EziCleen Surface Protection is an Australian Business that specialise in Environmentally Friendly Advanced Surface Treatments that Restore, Protect and Seal a wide variety of Interior and Exterior Surfaces. EziCleen has been operating successfully throughout Australia for over 15 years restoring and protecting thousands of shower screens, windows, glass pool fences, balustrade glass, natural and man-made stone surfaces.

Treatments are available for kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas, pool surrounds, patios, floors, glass ceilings, plus commercial buildings, apartments, businesses, boats and vehicles. You can totally rejuvenate your mineral stained shower screens, glass pool fencing and balustrades restoring them to their clear and shining best. Extend the life of your glass, windscreens, kitchen splashbacks, marble benches, stone paving, granite surfaces, porcelain and tiled areas.  Whether new or existing, these unique once only surface treatments will restore and extend the life of wet and dry surfaces making them easy to clean and looking like new. In this time EziCleen has perfected the surface treatment application process with exclusive EziCleen  products and have identified only the best international performers.  These include Diamon Fusion International (DFI) for glass (the only patented product of its type in the world and has a life time guarantee) and Sure Seal Sealants for stone protection.

See us at Site C73


Fielders - Big Difference

Big Difference Pty Ltd is a South Australian building company specialising in outdoor entertaining areas, carports and verandahs. They also install Slidetrack outdoor blinds and cafe blinds in new and existing structures, and the new ShadeNext window shade. In 14 years Big Difference has built many hundreds of Fielders Centenary verandahs around the state, and employs its building staff full-time. At the Home Show a gable-roof Centenary verandah by Fielders will be displayed. Big Difference individually designs each structure to suit the project application and obtains the necessary Council approvals on behalf of the owner. Slidetrack outdoor blinds will also be on display, along with the ShadeNext window shade range.ShadeNext is a new product developed in South Australia to provide a modern exterior window shade solution, and is ideal for new and older style homes. A large range of stunning fabrics designed for outdoor use enable owners to dress their home in style. We will also be displaying a brand new range of Metallic outdoor fabrics with 99% block, which is an ideal accompaniment to the ShadeNext product.

See us at Site D132


Forest Drapery Hardware Pty Ltyd
See us at Site E187a


Formcraft South Australia

Formcraft SA is the distributor of FormPro wall system and FormDeck suspended slab systems though-out South Australia. Both products have a number of measurable energy efficient and significant cost benefits.

FormPro is an energy efficient wall system with a high thermal rating of R = 3.5. Your house will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy bills will be much cheaper as room temperatures remain fairly constant requiring significantly less power.

Both products have a high Sound Transmission Co-efficient (STC) which means less noise transference between walls and floors. This is especially important if your new home is near a busy or main road and/or near a railway line.

Each summer sees a number of major fire outbreaks in Australia. FormPro walls have a very high fire rating. Formcraft has built many houses in the fire zone areas of regional SA and Victoria and have helped many clients achieve their Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL).

Most noticeably is the speed and efficiency with installation of the external walls. The process is much faster than building with conventional materials. In addition the internal perimeter of the external walls does not need to be battened out, plaster is simply glued and screwed into the fixing points embedded into the polystyrene panels.

See us at Site C82


GB Plastics

Established 20 years ago to meet the growing need of weather proof outdoor entertaining for south Australian households. GB plastics is a family owned business that holds customer service and delivery paramount. Located in Adelaide’s south at a convenient location, we offer a large showroom where customers can come to imagine how there new space will look and feel. We supply a range of quality products designed for all budgets to transform your outdoor space Café style blinds, clear pvc blinds, ziptrack blinds, seamless indoor and outdoor blinds.

Now introducing the most revolutionary retractable blind to hit the market Screenaway Blind system. The Unique design and engineering is aimed at providing greater functionality and user friendliness and is suitable for all types of windows that require fly screens and blinds. The retractable blind system provides a total solution from opaque shading up to 100% block out. It is extremely safe with no exposed cords, external pulleys or rollers and remains aesthetically pleasing at a far more affordable rate for Australian families. We invite you to come see us at the Homeshow to view this amazing product.

See us at Site A28


G & L Building Supplies

G&L Building Supplies are an Adelaide based, family run company that imports, and sells hardwood doors and windows. All of our products are made from plantation White Cedar, and come stained in a Red Cedar colour as standard (with other stain options available). Stainless steel hardware is included at no extra cost. Our doors and windows are made for external use, and come pre-hung in frame – a quick and simple option for builders to work with. Our focus is to sell high quality products, at a much lower price than our larger competitors. Perfect for that shed conversion, or renovating on a budget! Specialising in bi-fold and French style doors, we have a range of sizes and products in stock at all times.

See us at Site A31


G-Force Building & Consulting

G-Force Building and Consulting are general builders who specialise in extensions and renovations to existing homes. We also build quality custom homes and are award winning commercial builders. G-Force is a family-owned SA company established in 2006 by Paul Glassenbury. Paul is also the Master Builders Association of SA, Young Builder of the Year for 2016. As well as being builders, we are also Building Designers, employing 3 full time Designers to work with you to create your dream outcome. This enables us to work with our clients from the initial concept, right through to completion if they would like. We are passionate about doing what is right by our clients, contractors and employees. All our projects are completed with a customer service and quality focus to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. We always work in an open and honest approach and we have an awesome team of helpful staff who share a great dynamic between them ensuring a smooth project delivery and an enjoyable and stress less experience for our clients. If G-Force sounds like the right company for you, refer to gforcebc.com.au for more detailed information or see us at the show.

See us at Site C81a


Goodwood Chiropractic

See us at Site G233


Gordon Harris Leadlights

See us at Site G233


Granite Transformations

See us at Site C79


Hairoine Hair Brush

  • Our brush gives hair strength, suppleness, and a healthy sheen
  • It prevents hair from falling out (most common issue with new moms)
  • Combination bristle brushes can detangle every hair type, even the most stubborn ones, without pulling or hurting.
  • Gets rid of static electricity in your hair.

Our brushes will keep your hair healthier than ever before and make your hair look amazing.

Designed for fine or unmanageable hair.  This brush with its ergonomic design molds to your head with its contoured design.  It is compact and easy to use.  Gliding with ease without the pulling or breaking of your hair.  This brush will reduce the morning stress.

See us at Site B68



See us at Site G244


Hello Fresh

See us at Site F227



Proudly servicing the Mitcham community for over 100 years. E.G Hollard and Son est 1915 is an iconic and community focused supplier of Firewood, Fodder, Feeders, chooks, Straws, Sand and Metal, Landscape, Garden and Builing Supplies, Charcoal, Fire Pits and much more. Established in 1915 as a furl supply merchant for Mitcham and surrounds, todays owner Joe Leck and staff are passionate about servicing their customers and community with an extensive product range, extended trading hours and delivery options.

See us at Site OS82


Homestar Promotions Pty Ltd

Homestar Promotions are proud to introduce the Veito Blade Carbon Infrared Heater.  Veito are the World's leading manufacturer of Carbon Infrared Heaters. Veito Blade heaters are new modern and stylish, energy efficient, and are made using the latest carbon fibre technology. Veito Infrared Heaters are the perfect solution for your indoor and outdoor heating requirements.

See us at Site C106, Infra Red Heater


 I Like It Direct  (Better Grip Tools - Wrenche's)

See us at Site B47


Ironing Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd

LAURASTAR, Swiss design and technology. Professional ironing systems for home use. Save time, save money and achieve professional ironing results in your own home. See why over 100,000 appliances have been sold in Australia over the last 20yrs

See us at Site D114


Jaffa Limestone

Jaffa Limestone produces a stunning range of limestone block products suitable for a range of indoor or outdoor uses on residential, commercial and industrial projects. Jaffa Limestone products are used to build retaining walls, buildings, staircases, walls, fences, paved areas, garden edging plus many other uses. Jaffa Limestone products are made of reconstituted limestone. This innovative technique provides the strength and durability of concrete, with the natural texture and the aesthetic beauty of limestone. They have wonderful thermal mass when used in construction, and can be used in both a contemporary or traditional context. Jaffa Limestone bring to our living spaces warmth and natural harmony, the products always create a point of interest and special attraction. Jaffa Limestone manufactures all products at Cape Jaffa in the Southeast of SA, using limestone from the Limestone Coast, famous for its quality wines, seafood and fabulous coastline. Bring some country into your home with Jaffa Limestone naturally better.

See us at Site B53

JMH Gates and Garage Doors

JMH Gates and Garage Doors are a family owned South Australian business well known for our bespoke, custom made gates and garage doors. We specialise in western red cedar and aluminium gates of all sizes and designs, along with tilt and sectional garage doors, custom made from cedar, aluminium, glazing and polycarbonate sheeting. JMH are also distributors of the magnificent german made Hormann insulated garage doors and Knotwood aluminium gates, screens and fencing. We will have all of these products on display at the Sunday Mail Home Show. Due to popular demand, we will have a working Hormann garage door on display so customers can experience European engineering at its best. If you are planning on building or renovating your greatest asset and want to add value and street appeal to your home, pop into the Home Living Expo and chat to one of our friendly team. Over the weekend, you may meet Jason & Brooke and Alex & Lauren who are the owners of JMH Gates and Garage Doors. Jakob, one of our installers and service technicians will also be there, along with Ryan, one of our production team. We are not there to do the hard sell, but to join you on the exciting journey of creating your dream home. Builders and architects often visit us at the Show for their customers too. Some of our regular customers are Daniel Jordan Homes, Samuel James Homes, Alan Sheppard Constructions, Wedgewood Constructions, Ikon Projects, David Baptiste Garden Design and AAA Brush Fencing.  We’re looking forward to meeting you in October.

See us at Site B56


Jungle in Willunga

Want to get out and get wild with the kids this weekend? Need some new plants for your house or patio? Want to plant a bamboo screen to 'Get Rid of the Neighbours"! Then head down south to the Jungle in Willunga-a beautiful tropical style plant nursery set in acres of jungle garden, and filled with animals to amuse the kids. Grab a Hunting List from the shop and go Game Spotting in the jungle, all for a Gold Coin donation. Jungle in Willunga is a unique nursery experience

See us at Site OS44


Just Popped

Just Popped/Liquorice Online, sells sweet and sour liquorice as well as popcorn.

Primarily we will be selling sweet and sour liquorice at the event with many and varied flavours in both sweet and sour liquorice, as well as liquorice tubs.  We also sell a variety of different lollies as well as pucker powder machine selling 12 flavours of sweet and sour pucker powder in a variety of different sized tubes.

We can also sell some novelty items such as sponge rubber balls, windmills and popup toys.

See us at Site H266


Karma Resorts

See us at Site C75


Kathy Hay Interiors

Window dressing technology has advanced to the level that up to 30 blinds in a home can be remotely controlled using a smart phone or i-Pad. By downloading an app that provides a direct link to an Automated Pulse Wi Fi Hub in the home, a person can position blinds to any selected level and check the battery health of wire free motors controlling the shades. At the Home Living Expo, Kathy Hay Interiors will demonstrate the safety, security and comfort features of the technology that allows a user to view the chosen level of blinds on the screens of their smart phone or i-Pad device. “This latest technology allows blinds to be adjusted at any time of the day or night even when you are away from home,” Kathy Hay explained. “It indicates somebody is home even if you are away on holidays.  On the other hand, remote adjustment of the blinds can help control room temperatures and light well before you arrive home from work or play. “Apart from comfort levels, there are genuine energy savings in the technology.” Kathy Hay Interiors keeps homeowners abreast of latest developments in hard-wired or remotely controlled motorisation to adjust blinds, curtains and shutters. “Visitors to the Expo can experience the ease of the technology to control the interface between indoors and outdoors,” Kathy said. “Window sizes are increasing in modern home designs, therefore the form and function of window coverings is becoming more and more important.  “Issues such as energy efficiency and the effect of UV damage are more important than ever. “Motorisation is convenient, cord and chain free, and inherently child safe.  “At the Expo, we will also display latest plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and awnings, along with fabrics and designs for curtains featuring stunning new window dressing concepts.”

See us at Site E187


Ken Major Pty Ltd

Ken Major and his wife Fov started their business in 1953 manufacturing a range of outdoor blinds and awnings along with caravan annexes, tents, and swags, and soon became one of Australia’s largest suppliers of canvas products. Since those early days, Sar Major has evolved while maintaining the family values of the 1950’s.  We are incredibly proud to have supplied generations of families with quality custom made products that last. The Sar Major team can manufacture and install any canvas or PVC products to enhance your outdoor living space.

  • Ziptrak® Blinds
  • Canvas Blinds
  • Mesh Blinds
  • Hooded Awnings
  • Shade Sails
  • Hoist Covers
  • Recover Director/Steamer/Butterfly Chairs
  • Outdoor Timber Furniture using locally sourced recycled timber

With over 60 years manufacturing experience in South Australia we will always be here for you.

All Sar Major products are manufactured locally at our St Marys factory using Australian canvas and locally supplied materials and fittings.  This means your product is custom made giving you the opportunity to select options and colours that suit you. Sar Major Blinds are backed with a 2-year workmanship warranty.  Come and see our range of products and our friendly staff will find a solution for your Outdoor Living Space.

See us at Site C81



Here at Kubpower we offer a wide range of products to suit all your Construction, Agricultural, Power and Gardening needs. With Kubota products being our biggest range we don't just stop there in terms of convenience. We are based across three convenient locations; Gepps Cross, Summertown and Naracoorte. Kubpower also offer a wide range of other products and many globally recognised brands for sale, new and used, as well as equipment servicing and genuine spare parts. Brands include the full Kubota range, New Holland Braud Grape Harvesters, Croplands Spray Equipment, Landini Tractors, Antonio Carraro Tractors,  Husqvarna and many others.

See us at Site C92


LED Eco Lighting

LED Eco Lighting are always working to expand and improve our product range to give you the very best LED products available. Specializing in the LED industry we have become leaders in this field. LED Eco Lighting, are aware of the importance of innovative, cost effective lighting technology to promote economic growth and contribute to a healthier environment.  Upgrade lighting in your workplace for minimal cost by taking advantage of the Government Incentives Schemes, we have approved products for Victoria - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme (VEET), NSW - Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) and SA – Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES). Contact us for a free no obligation quote. Some of our products include the GEN- X ULTRA LED High bay of 70w-100w that boasts 220Lm/w, IP65 rated and replaces a 400w metal halide high bay.  The GEN-X Floodlight 20w – 135w that has a 160 Lm/w, IP65 rated. The G- Smart Lighting and Automation control system uses Wi-Fi to control LED lights, air-conditioning, tv screens, cameras, security lighting and a range of many other products. G-Smart can be operated locally or remotely from anywhere in the world. Simple to use with a downloadable app for your phone. The G-Smart Automation system is extremely cost effective due to the fact that It can be retrofitted to any existing wiring system in an office, warehouse environment.

See us at Site A2


Live Events Australia

Brand Developers are a Direct TV promotions company who have a diverse range of products which include the Bambillo Pillow and Stoneline Cookware. Here at the Building Expo the company will display:

The Powerfit an electronic vibrating exercise platform a portable unit which can be used in the comfort of your home.

The Transforma Ladder which has to be the most versatile ladder you will ever use that can be used almost on any surface and situation.

See us at Site B70 - POwerFit, D112 - TurboScrub, E156/E157 - Transforma Ladder


Living Pictures

Modular concepts have provided new levels of versatility and flexibility in the custom design of kitchens and bathrooms. By creatively mixing and matching, people can design and install furniture, finishes and fittings to specific size dimensions, décor and lifestyle preferences. Modular is now in vogue in outdoor areas of homes with the growing popularity of pop-up gardens specifically designed for balconies or areas of limited space or access. Colourful, beautiful and abundant gardens can be established quickly and easily by coming through a front door no mess, machinery or earth moving. At the Home Living Expo, Living Pictures Garden Design will present the boundless possibilities of its subsidiary enterprise Pop-Up Gardens. Tony Stanton, the Principal of Living Pictures Garden Design, said there were no limits to the imagination when considering a pop-up garden with choices of different plants along with stone, veneer, timber, metal or glass trim and decorative features. “People can create garden themes – for example tropical, cottage, formal or edible – with irrigation, lighting and plants that can be installed in less than three days.” Being modular, the pop-up gardens can be adapted to any size.  Custom designs are also available providing concepts for people to create rooftop or courtyard gardens or to enhance balconies, subject to load bearing assessment. “The gardens comprise lightweight, rendered modules of varying sizes depending of available space allowing people to incorporate stylishly individual shapes and forms. “Feature plants can range from flowering perennials to selected shrubs and trees, along with design aspects including tiles, stone veneer, timber and metal cladding.” Tony Stanton has been designing and installing award-winning gardens in Adelaide for the past 30 years. Visitors to the Home Living Expo can find out more about the possibilities of pop-up Gardens at the Living Pictures display.

See us at Site A1


Master Painters, Decorators & Signwriters Assoc of SA

The Master Painters Association of SA is THE industry association representing the interests of decorating and signwriting contractors and employers in South Australia. The Master Painters Association seeks to advance, encourage and recognise the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice. Since its foundation in 1907, the Master Painters, Decorators and Signwriters Association (MPA) of South Australia Incorporated has functioned as an independent representative for companies and individuals conducting business in the painting, decorating and signwriting trades, it is a nonprofit employer association wholly owned by its members and managed by an elected committee.

See us at Site E166


My Money House

My Money House is an Adelaide owned business that puts you first. We understand you have individual and specific needs and that is why we have made it our business to provide you with professional advice and guidance, no matter your financial situation.

We have well established relationships with a network of experienced professionals, allowing us to connect you with the right person for the job.

Formed in 2010, My Money House now has over 1,000 satisfied clients.

 With specialised branches within the company, including:

  • My Finance House
  • My Property House
  • My Planning House
  • My Rental House
  • My Insurance House

You can relax knowing the staff in each house are trained specifically in your area of need.

See us at Site E180


Neighbourhood Watch

See us at Site F194



Neopost Australia offers end-to-end multi-channel customer communication technologies and solutions for large format printing solutions. A global technology company and recognised market leader in print finishing and large format printing, business mailing, print and document finishing solutions with a reputation for quality, reliability and service. Partnering with HP to showcase the HP Latex technology.  The interior decoration market extends from the tradition to the trendy.  HP solutions cover the entire range.  HP Latex Technology provides innovation - from versatility to flexibility and durability. Showcasing the interior decorating opportunities that exists with HP Latex technology including wall coverings, canvases, window coverings and soft furnishings.

See us at Site G235


Northern Turners

Northern Turners began in 1993 as a Special Interest  Group of Woodgroup SA.   We are now an incorporated body in our own right and a member club of Woodgroup SA. Members of Northern Turners strive for excellence in all aspects of Woodturning.  Members range from novice to professional woodturners.  Members are encouraged to involve themselves in all aspects of the club including exhibitions and demonstrations. We meet three times a month:  The second Saturday of the month has been in operation since 2013 and is project based, where members work on a similar project so that different approaches can be highlighted. The third Saturday has a greater emphasis on teaching  skills to newer and less confident turners. The fourth Saturday is largely practical in nature with each meeting having a planned demonstration on some aspect of woodturning.  All meetings start at 10.00am and run until 2.00pm.

See us at Site TBA + the Wood Gallery


Oknalux Pty Ltd

In today’s busy urban environment, and with an increasing reliance on residential temperature control, there is

growing importance of energy efficiency and noise management in and around our homes. Oknalux is one such company that is bringing comfort through ground-breaking technology in windows developed in Europe, here in Australia. Oknalux will showcase a range of innovative solutions for controlling energy costs and minimising noise disturbance. Oknalux specializes in state of the art energy efficient windows, doors, roller shutters, blinds, and flyscreens.

See us at Site B40 & B39



Oliveri | Sinks, Taps, Water Drinking Systems and Kitchen Accessories

At Oliveri, we combine innovation with everyday practicality to inspire solutions for every generation and every celebration. We spend the time to ensure every product that carries the Oliveri brand is a product that we are proud of, and has been professionally crafted to improve the functionality of your kitchen, laundry or alfresco space.

Once a humble washing up station, sinks are no longer something to hide away, they have become a statement kitchen appliance with finishes ranging from high polished steel, brushed steel, coloured steel, granite and glass and can come in a variety of configurations to best suit your cooking and cleaning needs. With Oliveri’s sink accessories, your sink can be transformed in to a total food preparation area.

Your kitchen mixer tap is often the feature of the room, standing tall above your bench top as a stand-out piece. Oliveri mixer taps are sourced from experiences, reputable manufacturers who create high quality products that comply with Australian standard.

When you own Oliveri, you own the best of European style made with Australian quality in a sophisticated design to be enjoyed for many years to come.

See us at Site C104


Omega Picture Frames

We Frame anything…… (Even Roger Rabbit) Omega Picture Frames

Omega Picture Frames is a local provider of quality picture frames, prints, mirrors and memorabilia. They have been doing it for over 30 years! For over 30 years Omega has been heavily involved in the community via charities, clubs and organisations. At the Home Living Expo, omega Picture Frames will present stylish and imaginative ideas on how to bring your home to life through beautiful artwork, mirrors, prints and memorabilia. Whether you are looking to freshen up  your home/office/man cave or add some spice to things, Omega Picture Frames has a huge selection to choose from. The company's motto is: We frame anything! Luke Christodoulou of Omega Picture frames says: “The possibilities are endless, and we love the challenge of making customers happy time and time again.” “We look forward to meeting people at the expo to discuss custom framing, canvas stretching, block mounting, an innovative and cost effective way to create durable and frameless show pieces for the home/office or man cave.

See us at Site E170


OSIM Australia

OSIM is a global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products with over 37 years of experience and uncompromising dedication in developing innovative and reliable healthy lifestyle products. OSIM is the name you can trust for a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being. We have more than 100 innovative products covering the four focuses of Health, Hygiene, Nutrition and Fitness. From massage chairs and air purifiers to health supplements and treadmills, OSIM has everything to make you healthier and happier.

See us at Site D134


Outside Square

Award winning designer, Angela Gianakis is a passionate observer and driver of trends.  A new fashion dimension cannot pass without her assessing its merits and its ability to deliver style into Australian homes. As the Director of the acclaimed interior and exterior design company, Outside Square, Angela travels the world in search of innovation, elegance and functionality. So when people meet Angela at the Home Show, they are guaranteed of a ride to the vanguard of vogue. In particular, she will focus on emerging trends in kitchens and bathrooms combining colours, textures, sophistication and practicality. Angela has won numerous industry awards for her specialist skills in kitchen and bathroom designs. She will be talking to people about the latest trends including multi-level benchtops bronze and other metallic basins and tapware developments. There are wonderful new finishes for benches and cupboard doors, along with appealing style in handles. Apart from new products, she will focus on opportunities and pitfalls in design of kitchens and bathrooms for new home building and renovations. The objective is to help people make choices to ensure their kitchens and bathrooms have enduring functionality and style and do not become quickly outdated.”

See us at Site TBA


Outside Square Agencies

Welcome to Outside Square Agencies , Purveyors of the newest tastes and most innovative food products in South Australia. Specialists in bringing the finest and most unique products from around the globe right here into South Australia. We travel off the beaten track and look outside the square to find new and exciting taste sensations.

Premium quality confectionery, spices, sauces, marinades and other delicacies from innovative food artisans, are imported direct to SA exclusively by Outside Square Agencies. We are proudly SA owned and operated, with a rich family history in providing fine food and hospitality for the local community. If you’re looking to taste something new, something amazing and something completely different, Outside Square Agencies is your new best friend! Sample our newest taste sensations and meet our team at food carts throughout South Australia.

See us at Site G256



Ozmist is Australia's leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of high pressure misting systems in Australia. We have a wide range of solutions for cooling factories, workshops, alfresco areas and backyards. With over 17 years experience in misting system design and manufacture we know what works. Our systems are also used for Dust Suppression, constant Humidity and air conditioner Pre Cooling. We have two experienced dealers in Adelaide and offer free no obligation quotations.

See us at Site D148



See us at Site B37


Pasticceria Reggina

Traditional Italian baking is an enticing mix of passion and authentic flavours that have been enjoyed by generations. These qualities are captured in the expertise of Pasticceria Reggina, the renowned bakery in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Old family and provincial recipes are presented using the highest quality ingredients to produce a range of continental biscuits, sweets and seasonal delicacies. The bakery also produces quality chocolates, mignons, and confetti along with special celebration creations including tortes and amazing cakes. Pasticceria Reggina does not use any additives or preservatives in its range of cakes, biscuits, pastries and gelati.  The traditional recipes and ingredients speak for themselves. The bakery’s special gelati celebration cakes are also a big hit and they come in many flavours.  Importantly, the gluten free range means people do not have to miss out on desserts or sweet treats.”

See us at Site H261


Phantom Screens

See us at Site B64


Pieroth Wines

Since 1675, Pieroth has been a name that speaks of tradition, family and quality. What started out as a small family winery in the Nahe region of Germany has grown into the base of a world-wide network of wine producers, offering excellence of customer service and exceptional value to our customers.  Pieroth has been bringing fine wine to the table in homes around Australia for over four decades. Today, our wine comes not only from our original Pieroth vineyards in Germany, but also from award winning wineries in Australia and around the world.

See us at Site H260

Plega Healthcare Pty Ltd

Plega Healthcare is an Australian owned company serving the community since 1984 by manufacturing a comprehensive range of Adjustable Beds, Lift Chairs, Scooters and Mobility Aids. The Plega Adjustable Bed is designed to provide ultimate support by adjusting to almost any position you desire. In its gently curved position provides circulatory assistance around the shoulders, hips, knees and heels. The bed helps provide some independence to those with osteoarthritis, back problems, MS sufferers and stroke victims. Beds are manufactured in all sizes from 2’6” to 6’0” wide with two choices of mattress, Innerspring and Latex. The purpose of the Plega Lift Chair is to assist those who are restricted in movement to find a comfortable position with as little physical strain as possible. The chairs electrically elevate and recline at the touch of a button and are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes that can be customised to suit individual needs. The Plega range of Mobility Scooters are designed to provide exceptional performance. Made to meet international safety standards, you can be assured of the quality, reliability, style and after sales service that comes with every Plega product. These products offer sufferers unprecedented temporary relief, support and mobility.

See us at Site C87


Property Club

Property Club was established in 1994 and has assisted >20,000 people to purchase investment properties. Membership is free and members are assigned to a Property Mentor who will assist them through the education and purchasing process, and for as long as the property is held by the member. Property Mentors are experienced property investors who use their experiences and what they learn from the Club to assist members to gain the confidence and knowledge to start and build their property portfolio.

See us at Site D117


Pudding Lane (SA)

Pudding Lane products are proudly made in Australia with all Australian products free of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The secret is an inherited, family recipe to hand-make the puddings with the finest of fruit and selected ingredients, including free range eggs and fresh butter, along with spices and matured brandy from the Barossa Valley. In 2013, the business was honoured with the title of “Best Pudding in Australia” as judged by The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. Pudding Lane has also won seven international gold awards at the prestigious Great Taste Food Awards in the United Kingdom.

The plaudits roll on!   Pudding Lane took out the GOLD medal at the 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Foods awards for their Classic Christmas pudding and bronze for their two new additions to the range - Mango & Brandy and Rum & Plum puddings. Lynn Rowley from Puddings SA, the distributor of Pudding Lane puddings, said visitors to the Home Show could also enjoy the outstanding qualities of the products with tastings of all puddings will be available.  For those with dietary preferences, there will also be samples of puddings that are gluten, dairy and lactose free with no added sugar.

See us at Site G252

Raw Vine

See us at Site H263


Real Steel Gates and Fencing

We are a local company that manufacture gates and fencing from high quality steel and aluminium slats. Homeowners can either select from a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs, or we can help them design a gate and/or fence that inserts their personality into the landscape.

See us at Site E183


Roof & Render SA

Roof and Render SA offer a range of services which include roof restoration, roof replacement, rendering and renovations.  If your home is looking tired and dated and you are considering replacing or restoring your roof, rendering or renovating your home to give it a fresh new look then come and see us at our exhibition stand for an informative chat.  At our stand we will be show casing our new home transformation displays, which demonstrates how we can bring a dated old house into the new era, adding visual appeal and significant value to the home.

We will also be offering all home show customers 15% discount on all our services.

We are a family owned South Australian business established in 1921 providing good old fashioned customer service and advice.  At Roof and Render you will speak directly with the business owners who project manage each job from start to finish, including a quality check at the end of your job.

See us at Site D144


Save A Lot Beds

See us at Site C102


Show Television Pty Ltd

The Food and Cooking area of the Home Living Expo will feature outstanding kitchen products. WOLL NOWO Cookware is a renowned German range of the finest quality aluminium non-stick products combing traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. Each WOLL NOWO item is cast by hand in a process far removed from anonymous mass production techniques.  They are designed with patented detachable handles and oven safe lids for a modern cooking experience. Another showpiece will be the FRYAIR Air Fryer providing an alternative and healthier way to fry, bake or roast using air instead of oil. The Air Fryer uses a powerful combination of infrared heat, convection and conduction to cook your favourite foods without oil in minutes sealing natural juices on the inside and leaving the outside crispy and browned. It requires no pre-heating and cooks quickly.  The FRYAIR is easily portable, making it a great item for the kitchen bench top or on caravan or camping holidays. These products, along with the Pressure Chef multi-functional pressure cooker and slow cooker in one, will be presented by Show Television Pty Ltd

See us at Site F207 - Hose, F223 - Woll Cookware, G250 - Air Fryer


Snikle Treats

Snikle Treats is the creation of two sisters Jackie & Robyn who love to make, bake & create all things sweet. The name was derived from our maiden name of Elkins spelt backwards so it’s very unique & means a lot to us.  We sell a variety of confectionery, handmade chocolate, sweet novelties, cakes, biscuits, slices & more. We have just expanded our range to include over 20 different varieties of herbal, fruit & wellness teas.

See us at Site H268


Solomons Flooring

Solomons Flooring is Australia’s oldest and most trusted name in floor coverings. We have been providing the very best products and service since 1890. Our network has over 80 Retail stores Nationally & have Australia’s most extensive range of carpets, natural timber, laminate, vinyl floors & Blinds. We cater for small investors who require a bedroom of affordable carpet and durable vinyl for a bathroom to a modern family wanting beautiful natural Australian species timber for their rumpus room and premium quality carpets for their bedrooms. We can help them make informed decisions with floor coverings that will be a perfect balance between comfort, beauty and function.

Carpet is an enduring favorite for its warmth and coziness underfoot, and is ideal for bedrooms and family rooms.  It also has important insulating qualities. Natural Australian timber flooring is also beckoning in its glowing beauty and durability.  It comes in many colours, tones and varieties from the darkest to almost white, and every colour of coffee and gold in between, providing a visual feast for any room. We also specialise in laminate flooring that looks and feels just like real timber and is perfect for heavy traffic areas in the home. Laminate is hard wearing and easy to maintain, and it is much cheaper than timber flooring.Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is the fastest growing category in flooring.  It is possibly the most eco-friendly flooring in the world, it is fire resistant and it looks spectacular.

See us at Site A17


Southern Turners

Members of Southern Turners will be demonstrating the enjoyment of wood turning using several lathes and will be happy to discuss how each piece is created along with the wood used. Information can also be provided on sources for equipment, and how to join Southern Turners or one of the other wood working clubs across the State.  On display will be a range of some 60 items that can be bought and that show the versatility of wood turning as a hobby.

See us at Site TBA


Star Rating Solutions

At Star Rating Solutions we pride ourselves on excellence. When you become our valued customer, we ensure that we will deliver the highest quality service and workmanship. We have successfully sourced leading edge technologies to put together a range of products to deliver not only great performance but great value for your dollar.

You can be assured; you are investing well in your home and your future. With years of technical experience our tradesmen are fully licenced and skilled in their fields, guaranteeing you a great experience. Master Builders Member Our point of difference is that we are passionate about improving the world that we live in.

Our range is centered on energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, helping you to lower your energy costs. This means more money in your pocket and less strain on our planet! Partner with us in improving your home and we’ll help you save substantial amount of money, lower your energy consumption and build a better world for our next generation…

See us at Site C100


Sunnyside Instant Lawn

Sunnyside Instant Lawn - Greening Your World!

Sunnyside Instant Lawn are South Australia's Instant Lawn specialists, producing quality turf and creating gorgeous lawn landscapes for over a decade.

Our team of professional's love everything to do with turf. We grow, install and deliver farm fresh lawn and lawn care products direct to your door. We produce a wide variety of grasses locally including the popular Sir Walter DNA Certified that will suit the requirements of almost any site. Our turf experts offer friendly advice and have the experience and expertise to ensure you receive the best lawn solution.

As part of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), we are able to provide our customers with AusGap Certified Turf and Australia's first 10 year product warranty. The warranty certifies that a lawn supplied by Sunnyside has been grown and harvested to stringent guidelines, is free of weeds and disease on delivery. Buying turf from us means you can be sure you are getting the right advice and the right lawn to suit your environment.

Sir Walter DNA Certified, Eureka Kikuyu, Nullarbor Couch and RTF Fescue are all available now with 2 exciting new varieties available in 2018.

For the complete lawn solution, you can have your lawn layed by the Turfguy. The Turfguy works together with Sunnyside Instant Lawn to provide a comprehensive and professional service, quoting, preparing and installing your instant lawn project.

See us at Site B50


Taylex Industries

Taylex is the largest and oldest Australian manufacturer of Domestic Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems and have been operating since 1969. They now provide both concrete and plastic systems that are capable of producing clean clear recycled water for your garden from you household wastewater. Their standard systems produce irrigation water suitable for environmentally sensitive sites. All systems have power saving modes and come with 12  months of servicing included in the package price.

See us at Site D141


That's Furniture & Bedding

Proudly south Australian owned and operated and supporters of SA manufacturers and suppliers.

Be amazed by the latest in furniture & bedding, come along and see a lounge that keeps your drinks cool and charges your phone, and a mattress that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Along with last year’s popular items a mobile chopping block and the famous half price Nordic recliner and stool. All products heavily reduced and purchases made during the 3-day event include free pillows, free mattress protectors and free delivery up to 150kms. Now TH@TS why it’s a must see. We all look forward to seeing you and sharing over 50 years of SA retail experience.

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The Dream Room

Building a new home or undertaking a major extension or renovation to an existing dwelling is often one of the biggest investments people make in their lives. It is reassuring to know that history supports the financial merits of such an investment. Interest rates fluctuate, however over time the value of a property is likely to increase significantly. Australia has experienced reliable cyclical property booms and statistics show that the price of a residential property in Adelaide has doubled every 10 years. But there are many dimensions to investing wisely.  As an owner-occupier or investor, people can do lots of things to increase the value of their properties such as painting, renovating or landscaping.  Another key consideration is the selection of professionals who will deliver a quality outcome on time and within negotiated budget parameters. That is the benefit of relying on the experience and expertise of building and design professionals who have a trusted record of achievement in helping South Australian families achieve the new homes and improvements of their dreams. Visitors to the Building and Home Improvement Show have the opportunity to meet with such people to discuss and advance their plans. For example, Christine Trimmer’s business, The Dream Room, provides a complete, independent service to people considering new home building projects, renovations or extensions.   Over the past two decades she has designed and fitted out more than 2,000 homes. At the Building and Home Improvement Show, Christine will explain how she works with people from concepts to completion. The process starts with consideration of a budget for the building project, and then development of concept plans. The Dream Room then arranges planning approvals, engineering and specifications, including plumbing and electrical, and selection of paints, tiles, interior features, fixtures and fittings. “We then go out to tender to select a builder and ensure a project is delivered to precise specifications, to budget and on time,” Christine explained. “The benefit for clients is that they have an experienced professional to guide them through every facet of the building process.”

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The Generator Place

The Generator Place is Honda’s Number one dealer in Australia. The Generator Place is the only National Honda dealer specialising in the sale of Honda generators in our fourteen locations across five States, all of which are supported by a call centre manned 24/7. This support network gives our customers great peace of mind when travelling and ensures that we will look after your generator well after the initial purchase. The Generator Place has 14 outlets and is the only National Honda dealer in Australia specialising in the sale and servicing of Honda generators. Over the past thirteen years in dealing exclusively with Honda Generators we have become the experts in the industry and know how reliable Honda generators are. Honda Generators come standard with a four year factory warranty. To provide our customers with 100% confidence when purchasing a Honda generator from the Generator Place, we are prepared to stand behind the product we sell by offering our customers an extended one year warranty on any purchase of the portable inverter models in the range (EU10i, EU20i and EU30iu). This is total of five years warranty on parts and labour.

The key features customers are looking for when buying a generator are;

1/ Noise – How Quiet are they

2/ Weight – Are they portable

3/ Power – Will it run my Caravan A/C Unit

4/ Fuel Economy – How long will it run on a tank of fuel

Honda generators are the market leaders for a reason, as they tick all of those boxes. We have a working trailer at the show which replicates the usual power requirements of a caravan, therefore demonstrating to customers exactly what the Honda generators are capable of running. They can listen to them running on/off load and lift them, move them around to see if they meet their requirements. We also have a range of other portable Power solutions to look at, our new portable Jumpstarters are proving to be very popular. The size of an iPhone 6+ and it will jump start a 6cyl 3.5L car, WOW! Come and take a look at them and our other products.

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The Innovation Project

We source, manufacture and supply innovative home products Australia wide.

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The Turf Farm

THE TURF FARM is a specialist in beautiful lawns and happy customers. A family run local business supplying lawn solutions to all South Australians. They specialise in growing, delivering and aftercare with a genuine care for your customer experience.  Visitors to the Home Show can talk directly with lawn experts who have the experience and expertise to deliver the best outcomes for your specific project.  As a proud member of the Lawn Solutions Australia Group they are able to bring collective wisdom and knowledge of Australia's leading lawn varieties, trialled and tested to be high performing in our local climate. Including the much-loved Aussie favourite DNA Certified Sir Walter, Nullarbor Couch, RTF Tall Fescue and Eureka Kikuyu, something to suit everyone.  All varieties are grown under the nationally endorsed standard AusGAP. A National Certification Program that ensures turf is produced to meet strict standards, ensuring that lawn is weed, disease and pest damage free on delivery, and will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment. Chat to our favourite landscaper, Better Homes and Gardens star Jason Hodges, at The Turf Farm team site.

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The Wallbed Company

Wall beds a space saving solution

With today’s lifestyles on the change, homes becoming more compact and space at a premium, you need to think smart when it comes to using the available space that you already have. Flexibility is the key to get more for less when thinking outside the box.  There are lots of options when you want to have more space at home. Renovations, additions or new builds are a great, but an expensive way to get more space in your home to suit your lifestyle and while many people have a limited budget, there are other options.  If you need a play room, gym room, home office or just another room to use for whatever you need, but don’t want to sacrifice that space for a full-size bed that permanently takes up valuable floor space, then the simple, modern and smart way of thinking is to use a wall bed.

You will often hear people talk about a ‘Murphy bed’ when referring to a wall bed and that’s because the manufacturer ‘Murphy wall beds’ is a brand that is sold world-wide throughout North America, Europe & Asia and is one of the biggest manufacturers of this product globally.  Wall beds are easy to use and are as comfortable as any regular bed. When not in use, they can be stored away with the bed already made up so they are ready to be used at any time, whenever you need it day or night. No need to shuffle furniture around or find pillows and blankets for that old sofa bed that can be difficult to use. The wall bed opens with fingertip control and is ready in seconds. The beds are designed to be used as much or as little as needed, always there ready to go.  The Wallbed Company has a range of Murphy wall beds with cabinet options and colours to suit any budget and style.

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Total Resurfacing Specialist

Total Resurfacing Specialists provide the most up to date innovative technique in resurfacing which is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your Kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen doors and fixed panels do not always need replacing, they can be cleaned, repaired and resurfaced in a high gloss, satin or matte colour of your choice. Splash backs can be resurfaced in a gloss colour, removing the need to scrub grease out of grout lines. As a feature kitchen & Bathroom bench tops top can be resurfaced in Flintstone II, the stone look without the stone price with 28 colours to choose from. Resurface your tired worn out Bathroom, resurfacing can make your tiles, bathtub and vanity look like new again. This technique is a high-quality professional finish that will add value to your home. A cost efficient solution to all your Kitchen and bathroom problems. A long-lasting baked-on surface using the latest technology.  So don’t rip out your kitchen or bathroom, Resurface It! 

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Town & Country Matresses

Supplier of quality "Australian Made" Hi-Lo Hospital Style Home Care Electric Adjustable Beds, Electric Adjustable Beds with Massage, Latex, Memory foam Gel, Inner Spring Mattresses, Lift Chairs and much much more. We have been in business here in Adelaide for over 20 years and have successfully sent our product all over Australia, we have built a great reputation of supplying a superior product at a great price and with our 28 day trial period on most of our mattresses we can guarantee our customers great service and peace of mind, so please come and say hello at the "Home Show".  

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Tried and Tested

The Little Spanish Grate Plate, handcrafted and painted in Southern Spain. It grates, grinds, zests, purees Garlic, Ginger, Chocolate, Cheese, Nuts, Lemon and Limes.

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True Blue Home Improvement

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TurmeriX is a fast acting soluble anti inflammatory powder that gives amazing results in improving health and reducing or removing pain and discomfort.  Fully HACCP accredited and tested through NATA Laboratories in Melbourne, it is the Original and THE BEST on the market.... guaranteed.

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Universal Magazines

Australia’s largest home category publisher. Universal Magazines specialises in producing research media, used by consumers to research particular home projects all linked together via the completehome.com.au digital portal. UM home titles include Home Design, Grand Designs Australia, Backyard, Poolside, Outdoor Rooms and Build Home.

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Vital Veggies

Vital Veggies will help you grow your own food.  We are experts at designing, building, installing and caring for small and large scale food gardens, using organic and biodynamic methods. Whether you're just after a single garden bed or an entire food forest, our creative and functional designs will transform your outdoor space into a gorgeous foodscape,  But more importantly,  our specially blended biodynamic soil ensures success in growing nutrient-dense fruit and veggies for optimum health.  You'll be harvesting our own organic/biodynamic produce in no time!. So let us help you revitalise your current veggie patch, or create a vibrant new one for you. Grow your own and feed your soul.

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Wallspan Kitchens & Robes

Wallspan is one of Adelaide’s leading kitchen design and kitchen renovation companies.

Our experienced team of kitchen designers, builders and cabinet makers will work collaboratively with you to create your dream kitchen space – from inspiration through to installation. We design beautiful kitchens that look great but are also functional and will meet your budget, needs and lifestyle requirements. Exclusively to Wallspan, all of our Adelaide showrooms feature virtual reality technology that will enable you to design, visualise and step through your new kitchen BEFORE it is even built, giving you full confidence in your design decisions. See our range of kitchen designs and our virtual reality technology at work at this year’s Show.

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